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Is Jameis Winston Only 3 Ifs Away From Another Heisman Trophy?
10/31/2014 6:34 AM
I’ll dare say what everyone else is reluctant to admit, but already knows. On the field, Jameis Winston is having a Heisman-like year. Objectively speaking, and myopically viewed, Winston has earned it on the field with some great performances. The crowning glory to date is the 401-yard passing performance to beat [......Read More
The Digital Footprints That We Leave Behind
10/31/2014 6:29 AM
Many people associate estate planning with giving away their stuff. Lately there is a new category that's crept into the calculation...Read More
The Numbers Behind Halloween In The United States [Infographic]
10/31/2014 6:13 AM
As you prepare your costume and carve out your pumpkin, have you ever stopped to ponder about the frightening numbers behind Halloween? According to the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend $7.4 billion on Halloween products in 2014. $2.8 million of this will be spent on Halloween costumes. Many of the revellers [......Read More
Fear Is Not A Good Basis For Energy Policy (Fracking And Pipelines)
10/31/2014 6:09 AM
It was amusing to hear that an Administration official had said that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was a ‘coward,’ since Jews are the classic case proving the adage that "paranoics can have enemies". Which is not to say that I agree with Netanyahu’s stance on the nuclear negotiations with [......Read More
Have A Laugh And Build Your Career: Improv For Professional Development
10/31/2014 6:07 AM
You can infuse key improv practices into your day-to-day that are helpful for individual career success...Read More

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