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Final Details Before Microsoft/Nokia Closing
4/24/2014 10:36 PM
Final details of the Microsoft /Nokia deal reveal that Nokia will retain its brand name for future use. MSFT will reportedly use Microsoft Mobility for its products. The Nokia plant in Chennai, India will stay with Nokia for now as tax issues are resolved...Read More
Best Weapon In The War On Cancer? Hint: Your Mom Told You When You Were Three
4/24/2014 9:43 PM
VideoThe answer, of course, is learning how to share. In medicine, the question is when, and how, to share data. The hope (and hype) of Big Data is that massive datasets can help researchers and companies slice and dice cancer into smaller, more manageable patient populations where companies can rapidly [......Read More
Payback Is Forever: Tax Refund Offset Law Remains On The Books
4/24/2014 9:27 PM
Just before Tax Day, a story in the Washington Post had folks talking about debt repayment. It's something we don't like to talk about in this country very much which is perhaps why it was newsworthy in the first place. But what really made taxpayers take notice was the timing [......Read More
XO Group Invests In Touchmedia, China's Largest In-Taxi Media Company
4/24/2014 9:10 PM
XO Group, a New York-based media company that focuses on young women, purchased shares in Touchmedia, China’s largest in-taxi media company, during the company's latest round of fundraising, Touchmedia said in a statement today.  Financial details weren’t disclosed. “We see our investment as well timed to exploit new opportunities in China’s media ...Read More
The Intuitive Manager: A Threatened Species?
4/24/2014 8:30 PM
Intuition is far from rare. Most of the decisions we make are intuitive. First, because it saves us time. Second, because we really do trust our instincts, even when we shouldn't. As it turns out, intuition is rarely effective, especially compared to data-driven decisions. Indeed, whenever you can measure an [......Read More

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