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Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus
1/31/2015 5:14 AM
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Tim Cook Defused Steve Jobs' Thermonuclear War, And Then Took Down Android
1/31/2015 5:14 AM
It would be fair to say that Steve Jobs did not like Samsung's smartphone team. He promised all of Apple's resources would be deployed in a "thermonuclear war" against the South Korean company. Tim Cook's Apple never followed up on this threat... at least not directly. Cook defused the nukes, instead relying on a long strategic play to neuter not j...Read More
Drake's Motto Has Been Ruining Your Chance of Homeownership Since 2011
1/31/2015 5:00 AM
You’re young, carefree, and the world is your playground. You’ve got years before you need to start worrying about big, serious money goals like buying a house … right? Sorry to kill your buzz, but if you think you’ll be interested in owning a home anytime in — oh, the next [......Read More
3D Printed Bones To Increase Success of Orthopedic Surgery
1/31/2015 4:53 AM
A team of surgeons at the University of Verona Hospital in Italy are using 3D printed replicas of bone fractures from patients in the hope of increasing successful first time results of orthopedic trauma surgeries. Some broken bones can be set with a cast, others require orthopedic surgery if they don't heal the right way, which [......Read More
Transferwise Secures $58m From Andreessen Horowitz And Others
1/31/2015 3:45 AM
Transferwise has secured $58m from secondary funders. What does this mean for the international money transfer sector and big banks...Read More

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