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Is The Gap Between Business And Technology Executives Finally Closing?
4/27/2015 9:32 PM
Listen to enough conference speakers, peruse enough analyst reports, and read enough trade press articles, and one can be forgiven for thinking that business and IT people aren't even aware of each others' existence. However, a new survey series suggests that they aren't as far apart as it seems. Both [......Read More
Tracking Impact? Non-Starter If Your Nonprofit Partner is Old School
4/27/2015 9:22 PM
Let’s play pretend for a minute. Your company has the most well-conceived volunteer and giving program on the planet. You’ve got the best people and a leading-edge online platform to manage your program. You’ve got a wildly engaged employee-base hungry to get involved and make a difference. Your volunteer focus aligns [......Read More
What Behavioral Economics Teaches Us About The Great Recession
4/27/2015 8:45 PM
Consumer optimism, as measured by the University of Michigan consumer sentiment index, has rebounded this year to its highest levels since 2007. Overall, this is very positive news about rebounding consumer sentiment, one macroeconomic variable that along with wage growth has been significantly hampered since the global financial crisis. Along [......Read More
Top 10 Countries Corporations Want To Invest In Now
4/27/2015 8:41 PM
...Read More
Basket Case No More, Europe A Hot Bed Of Corporate Investment
4/27/2015 8:41 PM
European nations dominate A.T. Kearney's index measuring foreign corporate investment plans for the next year. Where does the U.S. fit...Read More

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